Summary Original Lesson Plan – Writing a Procedure: Lego Activity

· The original lesson is actually 2 separate lessons. Only Lesson 1 is addressed as part of the project
· Teacher provides bags of Legos to pairs of students
· Students work in pairs to create a Lego structure and document a procedure for the construction
· Assessment in Lesson 1 is based on the details and components of the written procedure in addition to observation of the pair working together and completing the procedure
· Lesson 2 involves other pairs using the documented procedure to reproduce the structure

Summary Modified Lesson Plan

· RIPTS and NETS added
· Objectives expanded
· Context updated
· Opening updated
· Engagement and materials modified
· Closure updated
· Class was broken into 4 heterogeneous groups
· Each group was tasked with creating a demonstration of their written procedure through the use of a specific assigned technology tool. The specific tools were:
  • Wiki or blog
  • Pod Cast
  • You Tube Video
  • Movie Maker demo

· Assessment was modified to include observation of the collaborative technology effort and review of finalized product to ensure all of the key components of the procedure were included in the demonstration.